Memphis Flower Show

Memphis Garden Club,

Member of The Garden Club of America,

and Dixon Gallery and Gardens


HEADLINES, A GCA Major Flower Show

April 13-15, 2018

Dixon Gallery and Gardens

4339 Park Avenue

Memphis, Tennessee 38117


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2018 MGC Flower Show Schedule

 Contemplating Character is an exhibition of portrait drawings and sketches that covers over two centuries. Portraiture is not, as some might think, simply the recognition of an artist’s skill in rendering a likeness. Far from it. Simple replication is not all that difficult. Rather, the works in this exhibition have been brought together to explore character, not just physiognomy. The challenge of any truly successful portrait is to capture the soul beneath the surface of an individual’s appearance.

The works resulting from this collaboration between the individual who contemplates (the artist), and the subject who exhibits character (the sitter) are extremely varied. They display a wide variety of expressions ranging from beauty and dignity to wit and satire, including profound sadness, and even the macabre. Contemplating Character asks and then attempts to broadly answer the question—what exactly constitutes a portrait? An expansionist sensibility has consistently informed the selections for this exhibition, proving that there is more to portraiture than formally composed oil painting.